2020 Vision.

New Year, New Me – Paha, just kidding!

New Year is a great time to reflect, especially when we’re leaving a whole decade behind, and starting anew. However, i’m one of those people that continually self reflects and seeks optimum happiness always and often evaluates events as and when they arise. Does this stop me from self reflecting at New Year? No, no it does not.

With that being said, for the first time, in many years I am happy with the person I am becoming, and the choices I make, along with my values and principles as a person. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s taken many a New Year, New Me’s to get to this point; along with the constant self-scrutiny i’ve put myself through. Which I’m aware can be a weakness of mine. This does not stop me from setting myself goals, dreams, plotting evil schemes and ensuring that all of my desires are met.

I guess where i’m going with this, is although it’s great to start the New Year thinking you’re going to be this crazy -loud, extrovert person that always says yes, (one day Bill, one day…) be kind to yourself and set yourself realistic goals that are more achievable. Trust me, through years of impractical goal setting and in turn, disappointing myself, I know what works and what doesn’t! So if you’re not an overly social butterfly – that’s cool! Do your own thing, and set yourself a couple of weekends a month where you allow yourself to step outside your comfort zone. Meet with friends, and go to that place that’s been on your list but you’ve never ventured to, or treat yourself to a date day and enjoy that film you’ve been dying to see, and bit by bit, year by year you’ll get to a safe space, where you’re able to express yourself!

Have a wonderful New Year, make your own dreams come true and always remember to be kind to yourself, as long as you’re doing your best, what more can you ask of yourself?

Lots of Love, Lily.

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