In the midst of a pandemic, how do we try to utilise this time for good when all we can see is the bad? Caring for our mental health is something that is very close to my heart, due to the struggle i’ve endured with my own; and like many of us, I chose to not submit to it for many years. I tried to carry on as normal, which has always been a weakness of mine, and just ‘get on with it’. After some counselling, a bunch of very supportive family and friends, a few too many nights constantly scrutinising the person I was, I found myself. I learnt to love my anxious awkward little quirks, I learnt to allow myself the time to wallow when things didn’t go the way I wish they had, and accept that I need that time to process. I still struggle with my own mental health, but I utilise coping strategies and resilience to help me. Coping mechanisms are instilled to enable us to deal with the shit we don’t think we can deal with. Be that online shopping, eating all the [INSERT FAVOURITE FOOD HERE], or getting so drunk you forget – whatever it is, as long as you’re coping in a healthy moderate way (Like not getting yourself in to debt or something) it’s not an issue, it’s self care right!? It is so important to utilise the strategies we can and help ourselves when we’re in dark places. I know it’s sometimes easier said than done, I get that for sure, but I also think we can allow our self the time we need and then choose to move forward.

During this crazy time, everyone is feeling their own anxiety rise. The Corona Virus is having a significant impact on people, even individuals that did not previously suffer from any type of mental health. People are bulk buying fucking toilet roll for god sake, and if that doesn’t confirm their anxiety is through the roof – then I seriously don’t know what would. Everyone deals with their shit differently, and as much as we need to respect that, we also need to keep ourselves healthy and safe.

So use your time productively, if you’re not working, maybe learn a new skill, do some baking, look for the positives, write lists, think of things you want to accomplish and use this break to make your dreams a reality… If you are working still, (like me) but from home, then take the time to look after yourself and re-charge and be proud of the fact that in some way we’re helping the lives of so many others, and helping our country through this difficult time. Go on walks, exercise, try some yoga, and on the days you’re feeling yourself, take a selfie or two or three… But as easy as it is, try not to be too hard on yourself, try to be kind on less productive days and know that it’s absolutely fine to feel overwhelmed, reach out to friends and family, or me – i’m only a message away!

My Thoughts on Corona Virus:

I’m not saying this because I want to ‘trigger’ everyone, I’m saying this to be realistic. Anyone who knows me personally, will tell you how much I DO NOT beat around the bush with anything. I say it exactly how I see it, and it’s often not what people want to hear – but it is needed (most of the time). I’m not an idiot and I do know when to hold back, but I just feel it is better to be honest and get it all out in the open. My boyfriend says I have a ‘Clinical Approach’ to things, so I guess, take that as you will…

Do I think we ought to be worried? – Yes I do. But only because I know the true reality when we’re being told ‘The NHS do not have enough beds’. If the UK was not in lockdown and the virus was able to spread easily as it has done in other countries, the NHS would not have enough beds to treat all of the people that would be in need of hospital care. This does not mean I think we should all go and bulk buy toiletries and pasta. It means I believe we should follow the government advice and stay indoors as much as we can, it’s called a Pandemic for a reason. For up to date resources and information, please see the website:

Self-Isolation is difficult for most people, especially extroverts. Luckily for me, it’s how I spend most of my weekends. I like to recharge away from everyone. I don’t particularly like people, so this is very normal for me. I find enjoyment from simple things like reading and knitting and playing Nintendo games. Perhaps it’s because we’ve been told we’re not allowed to leave the house, but all of a sudden i’m yearning for a social life!? So maybe this will help me become less antisocial when this is all over, who knows…

I’m going to end this ramble on well wishes. I hope that you all take care and look after yourselves, and your loved ones (from a distance) and be considerate of other people. Look after those around you that cannot care for themselves as well. Reach out to those who are vulnerable and need your help. Do what you can for those less fortunate than you, be that big or small and do your bit to help us all beat this virus and stay home.

Be kind to you, and try your best.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you want a chat! I’m always here, and I appreciate how difficult these times are for everyone right now, even me, who isn’t the most social butterfly at the best of times!

Lots of love, Lily. 🌸

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